Tuesday, June 8, 2010


அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் அதிபாகவன்முடற்றே உலகு ...
As letters all are based on ' A ',
The world is based on God the First.
--a verse from Thirukkural

Hey Guys and Gals ,
  • So this is my first attempt at blogging...hech at even telling others what i've written outside of coursework... or saying how i feel.
  • I am just another grain of carbon in this absolutely enchanting, beautiful and well huge universe and knowing what pressure carbon faces before turning to diamond... |45 and 60 kilobars (4.5 and 6 GPa)@ 900–1300 °C| .We should have an idea of what sort of pressure we should face to shine in this world....
  • I ll be blabbing about philosophy, my interests and basically what i feel about a lot of the world going on .So have fun reading... and post your comments.
  • Also IF anyone wants me to blab about a random topic there is a good chance i will...
  • So i end with the hope :"let this be the start of something beautiful"...


  1. hahahah !!! dude !! eve n u started uh ??? i was abt to start... but i ditched !!! lets see !!

  2. maann..ive been thinking of doin this for quite a while now..anyways, congoz and all the best!