Friday, May 2, 2014


They say love doesn't come quietly. It should crash you into the rocks in the sea of life. It should throw you overboard and while you cling on for dear life itself , you realise its beauty. Beautiful feelings that I experience whenever I hear that one song.

It is quite possible that it may have been that particular moment in life that leads to that experience. The Song may not have had much effect maybe if it were at a different moment, or maybe if it were a different song. But then that is the beauty of coincidence, serendipity and life itself , isn't it?

So I am sure this list of songs will only grow. But right now these are some of the songs that have given me that experience. Thrown me overboard, and left me clinging on for dear life. Had me singing them till my throat grew hoarse. and still keep going.

1. Nirmohiya ( Youtube)

The latest addition to that club. Wow. The lyrics, the singers and the music. Amit Trivedi's magic is perfect. A special mention has to go Shankar tucker, who is amazing on the clarinet.

2. Avalukenna Ambasuthiram ( Youtube )

This song had me singing for over 2 weeks. I am sure my neighbour had gotten tired of it by the time I was done. I should probably just add a different section on Rahman alone. All the songs in this particular movie are superb and are just amazing work all round.

3. Mettu Podu and En kathale

Another Rahman Musical . The saxophone in the second song brings out the pathos like no other instrument can. The first song is a peppy number that has done so many rounds on its day.

Have to add the rest later. Too many to add in one go. Until Then.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Year Gone By,


Another year has indeed gone by. Blessed i am , to have more time than most to absorb the environs on R . That time is coming too soon to end ,that i could manage. Times change and with them , every one of our thoughts, nay our beliefs will be questioned and tested . So what is expected of anyone ?

Heck, what should i expect of oneself ? True , all truth is relative. But does this mean that my truth is just as important as anyone else's. If so as it must so very often do who is to say what's right or wrong ? If I am to judge myself , who should i look at it as ?

Moral dilemma's are fun , aren't they ? Logic , rhetoric , sarcasm , debate... all these are clearly not the things one should be busy with when they sincerely believe their calling is elsewhere. Or should they try to apply it all in the field of interest ?

Enough with all these goddamn words that don't make half the sense they are supposed to. Lets just get on with what happened in the last year and move on shall we. It's funny how often we believe we have some power , just as easily to taste reality. Another year has gone by indeed. If you have got upto here thank you, sincerely , i promise . The rest is shorter.

So in the past year, we have moved, from gaon to the hills , from jubeil to chennai and from more anime to less anime .. From High speed lan to ahh, internet. From being with litt seniors (apologies , guys never would call you this to your face, but i did defer to this behind your back ) to actually being them. 
From having a number to running around to make the call to family to assure them you're safe.I have said it before, i'll say it again..

Another Year has indeed gone by.

Not to end without the customary promises. Learning is the most important of all things. Friendship is another of those things. If you can learn with friends, great, awesome even. But when in doubt , choose to learn .Sincerely , freinds will remain true and might even be glad to have you with the new knowledge. But learning , well ...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello World

This week has been a hell of a lot for the Tech World. We've had the MWC (Mobile World Congress for the uninitiated). And the amount of new tech introduced is staggering . You Would have thought that with the CES turning out to be to be so huge, MWC would be less amazing . Well just goes to show how much the Businesses want to showcase their product.

With all this amazing news, the windows 8 consumer preview launch and Apple drowning Eric Schmidt's thunder without even showcasing or talking about their product I felt i needed to get you guys on the information.

Following now will be regular updates to the world of tech through my eyes. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This is the time I can take risks. And beyond this the risks become inhibitingly costly. This place is a learning zone. And my time is running out.. When talking to God about my dreams and the value of time at IIT.
-- A post I read somewhere.

This is the most valuable period in your life. Learn all you can. Leave nothing out. Let the Sky be your limit and reach it. This a realization just before a midterm. But I sincerely hope this will lead to better things.  Couple of more posts regarding the travels coming soon.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Woah Its been almost a year...

Its that time of the year again to release my thoughts into the far reaches of the web for all to perceive..
So what has this one year period of in/activity revealed:
1.Yes i Do Believe the world revolves around me..
2.i m the guy who was the chosen one
(refer previous sentence ) and
3.yet at every test i seem to let myself down.. (i don care wat you feel right now)(.. but your're probably feeling the same right ...)

So what do we do now... well the same thing we do when we get to that one level where you can never happen to be in the same block of grass as that randomly appearing pokemon..
stop take a breather and get back at it .. apparently this was my breather and now is my time.. lets see what happens..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் அதிபாகவன்முடற்றே உலகு ...
As letters all are based on ' A ',
The world is based on God the First.
--a verse from Thirukkural

Hey Guys and Gals ,
  • So this is my first attempt at blogging...hech at even telling others what i've written outside of coursework... or saying how i feel.
  • I am just another grain of carbon in this absolutely enchanting, beautiful and well huge universe and knowing what pressure carbon faces before turning to diamond... |45 and 60 kilobars (4.5 and 6 GPa)@ 900–1300 °C| .We should have an idea of what sort of pressure we should face to shine in this world....
  • I ll be blabbing about philosophy, my interests and basically what i feel about a lot of the world going on .So have fun reading... and post your comments.
  • Also IF anyone wants me to blab about a random topic there is a good chance i will...
  • So i end with the hope :"let this be the start of something beautiful"...