Friday, May 2, 2014


They say love doesn't come quietly. It should crash you into the rocks in the sea of life. It should throw you overboard and while you cling on for dear life itself , you realise its beauty. Beautiful feelings that I experience whenever I hear that one song.

It is quite possible that it may have been that particular moment in life that leads to that experience. The Song may not have had much effect maybe if it were at a different moment, or maybe if it were a different song. But then that is the beauty of coincidence, serendipity and life itself , isn't it?

So I am sure this list of songs will only grow. But right now these are some of the songs that have given me that experience. Thrown me overboard, and left me clinging on for dear life. Had me singing them till my throat grew hoarse. and still keep going.

1. Nirmohiya ( Youtube)

The latest addition to that club. Wow. The lyrics, the singers and the music. Amit Trivedi's magic is perfect. A special mention has to go Shankar tucker, who is amazing on the clarinet.

2. Avalukenna Ambasuthiram ( Youtube )

This song had me singing for over 2 weeks. I am sure my neighbour had gotten tired of it by the time I was done. I should probably just add a different section on Rahman alone. All the songs in this particular movie are superb and are just amazing work all round.

3. Mettu Podu and En kathale

Another Rahman Musical . The saxophone in the second song brings out the pathos like no other instrument can. The first song is a peppy number that has done so many rounds on its day.

Have to add the rest later. Too many to add in one go. Until Then.

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