Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Year Gone By,


Another year has indeed gone by. Blessed i am , to have more time than most to absorb the environs on R . That time is coming too soon to end ,that i could manage. Times change and with them , every one of our thoughts, nay our beliefs will be questioned and tested . So what is expected of anyone ?

Heck, what should i expect of oneself ? True , all truth is relative. But does this mean that my truth is just as important as anyone else's. If so as it must so very often do who is to say what's right or wrong ? If I am to judge myself , who should i look at it as ?

Moral dilemma's are fun , aren't they ? Logic , rhetoric , sarcasm , debate... all these are clearly not the things one should be busy with when they sincerely believe their calling is elsewhere. Or should they try to apply it all in the field of interest ?

Enough with all these goddamn words that don't make half the sense they are supposed to. Lets just get on with what happened in the last year and move on shall we. It's funny how often we believe we have some power , just as easily to taste reality. Another year has gone by indeed. If you have got upto here thank you, sincerely , i promise . The rest is shorter.

So in the past year, we have moved, from gaon to the hills , from jubeil to chennai and from more anime to less anime .. From High speed lan to ahh, internet. From being with litt seniors (apologies , guys never would call you this to your face, but i did defer to this behind your back ) to actually being them. 
From having a number to running around to make the call to family to assure them you're safe.I have said it before, i'll say it again..

Another Year has indeed gone by.

Not to end without the customary promises. Learning is the most important of all things. Friendship is another of those things. If you can learn with friends, great, awesome even. But when in doubt , choose to learn .Sincerely , freinds will remain true and might even be glad to have you with the new knowledge. But learning , well ...

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